Protecting the environment…

greenWelcome to the True Green Dry Cleaners website. We are, as our name suggests, an eco friendly alternative to perc-based dry cleaning. True Green Dry Cleaners uses no harsh petrochemicals which pose serious environmental and health risks to your loved ones. True Green Dry Cleaners is proud to be the first all-environmentally friendly dry cleaner in the San Antonio, Texas area and delivers high-quality dry cleaning by replacing the petroleum-based solvents used by other cleaners with one of the earth's most abundant and safest natural resource: liquid silicone (which is, basically, sand).

Protecting those you love…

For years we have been hoping for a friendly alternative to dry cleaning, and now, using this revolutionary cleaning solvent by Green Earth, we believe we’ve found it. Our cleaning system is not only green, but it is also gentle. Clothes cleaned at True Green Dry Cleaners will come back fresh and smooth, without any unpleasant dry cleaning odors or chemical residue.

Colors won't fade with our system even after several cleanings, and fabrics will feel surprisingly soft to the touch. Liquid silicone is chemically inert, meaning that the chemical doesn't react with the fabric fibers. The liquid silicone merely carries the detergent to your clothes and gently carries away the dirt and the oil. The D5 solvent we use is actually so light and weightless, that it gently penetrates to rise away dirt in a way that water or even perc can’t reach. It cleans without being harsh and won't ever cause any shrinkage.

We're truly very excited about this new concept in dry cleaning and hope you will be, too.

So please let us know how we can be of service, and thank you for your interest in True Green.