Doing our part today for a better tomorrow

Help us take care of our environment

We start by using environmentally safe solvents and methods to clean clothes. We use biodegradable poly bags that are landfill degradable. Along with our recycling programs for hangers and poly bags, we encourage our customers to bring back hangers and poly bags so that we will reuse what we can and send the rest to a recycling center.

Hangers and poly can be reused at home too. Use the hangers for everyday garments that we normally do not process. Poly bags can be used as trash liners easily by just tying off the top of bag, saving you money on trash liners and bringing peace of mind knowing that the bag will degrade in landfills.

We built the cleaning plant with the environment and efficiency in mind by matching all equipment to our needs and specifications so that there is no wasted energy or space. We believe in building package cleaning plants with this idea in mind we will do our part to reduce consumption of our natural resources.

Think about it: a small step today for a better tomorrow. If we could get everyone to Think Green now, we can leave the blueprint for our future generations to follow.